Total Body Core Training Continuing Education Program

Continuing Education Program For Fitness Professionals 0.4 CECs (4 contact hours)

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Core Training is one of the most overused yet misunderstood terms in fitness.

What are the benefits of core training? Which exercises are best for isolating specific core muscles? How can all clients do effective core exercises for their needs?

Traditional exercises for the abs typically have you lying on the ground moving in a single plane of motion which does not prepare your muscles for the forces they will experience during upright movements.

The axial skeleton is the foundation of the body and the core is the body’s center of gravity; a functional core training exercise program should integrate all muscles that attach to and influence movement in these sections of the body.

Engaging and strengthening muscles while in a standing position can prepare them to produce, stabilize and control forces in a three-dimensional environment – the way the body actually functions.

In this online workshop taught by Pete McCall and based on the research of Dr. Stuart McGill, you will learn how your core muscles are designed to function and, more importantly, how to design an exercise program that prepares the body to produce, stabilize and control forces in all three planes of motion.

You will learn how muscles are designed to function, the most effective methods for strengthening them and how to design workout programs to help clients achieve their goals. Approved for 0.4 ACE Continuing Education Credits. 

Available Course Credits

ACE 0.40 Expiring on December 31, 2021
AFAA 5.00 Expiring on December 31, 2021
NASM 0.50 Expiring on December 31, 2021

Learning Objectives

Identify the anatomy of the core region of the human body.

Explain how core muscles are designed to function in upright, ground-based movements.

Design an exercise program to develop optimal stability, mobility, strength and power in the muscles of the core region.

Lead a core training program to train clients or group exercise class participants to maximize movement efficiency.

Course Procedure

The Total Body Core Training course is organized into 10 different modules; each one will take approximately 10-to-20 minutes to complete. You can complete all modules at once or one a time, making it convenient for a busy schedule.

Includes the Functional Core Training e-book - complete with anatomy diagrams and exercises.

Course Content

Module 1 - Common Misperceptions about Core Training
Module 2 - Defining the Core
Module 3 - Anatomy of the Core
Module 4 - Strengthening the Core
Module 5: Phase 1 - Corrective & Therapeutic Exercises
Module 6: Phase 2 - Groove Appropriate Motor Patterns and Motions
Module 7: Phase 3 - Build Joint & Whole-Body Stability
Module 8: Phase 4 - Increase Muscular Endurance
Module 9: Phase 5 - Build Strength
Module 10: Phase 6 - Develop Specific Speed, Power & Agility and Exercise program design
Module 11 - Evaluation
Bonus Material!

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