E-book Bundle: Exercise for the Fountain of Youth, Functional Core Training and Dynamic Anatomy

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Released in the Spring of 2021! Save by purchasing all 3 e-books together!


Save money by purchasing all three e-books together! Includes the strength training workouts for the Functional Core Training e-book along with metabolic conditioning workouts to help you improve your aerobic capacity while burning calories.

Dynamic Anatomy covers how muscles and fascia work together to produce movement; it includes specific exercises for how your muscles actually work. The ONLY time a muscle works in isolation is in a machine designed for muscle isolation; you will learn how to design exercises and workouts for the way your body is meant to move.

Exercise for the Fountain of Youth will teach you how exercise can slow down the effects of the biological aging process. We can NOT turn back time, but the right exercise program featuring a combination of endurance, strength and power training can help you to increase lean muscle mass while you age which is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to slow down the effects of the aging process.

Total Body Core Training picks up where Dynamic Anatomy leaves off; this e-book covers the science of how your muscle function from the core on out. Total Body Core Training will teach you six specific stages of exercise program design to apply evidence-based research for developing the strong body you want.

Included with the e-books are examples for the six stages of exercise programs covered in Total Body Core Training. Owning all three books will teach you everything that you need to know for designing the workouts that will work for you! The information in this e-books will show you how to stay in shape all year long.

I've been educating personal trainers for certification organizations and equipment companies for almost 20 years; with these e-books, I am coming directly to you, the fitness consumer, to teach you how to use exercise to enhance your quality of life. 

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