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Do you want to know how your inner thigh muscles really work? Do you want to know the best shoulder exercises for avoiding injuries? Are you interested in learning how to really strengthen your core muscles? Did you know that many common gym injuries could be caused by doing the same muscle isolation exercises over and over?

The human body was designed to move as an integrated system, not work as a series of isolated parts yet many fitness programs focus on using muscles in isolation. If you love to move then it is important to understand human anatomy, specifically how your muscles really work when you exercise. This e-book will help you understand how your muscles function so that you can achieve the results you want when you sweat.

Dynamic Anatomy is a compilation of articles that were originally written for fitness professionals and includes specific chapters on fascia, the abdominals, the adductors (inner thigh), lower leg muscles, the shoulders and hamstrings. Each chapter explains how the muscles work and provides the reader with specific exercises to improve strength, performance and, yes, appearance. This is a comprehensive guide to how your body functions that will help you learn how to exercise for the results you want.

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Dynamic Anatomy - How Your Body Moves During Exercise

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