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Are crunches and planks the best exercise for your abs?

Core training is one of the most popular yet misunderstood concepts in the fitness world. Many traditional core exercises require you to lie on the ground while moving in a limited range-of-motion which does not use your muscles the way they are designed to work.  

Traditional anatomy teaches that muscles work in isolation, the ONLY time a muscle works is isolation is in a machine designed for isolation. Exercise is a function of movement and if you understand how muscles function to move the body then you will know the most effective exercises to deliver the results you want. 

These two e-books, Dynamic Anatomy and Functional Core Training will help you to understand how your muscles are designed to function, in addition, you will learn techniques for designing strength-training workout programs based on how your body moves. The result is that you will move better and feel better on your way to looking better! In addition to the e-books, you will receive six workout programs that take you through the phases of progression described in Functional Core Training.


You will also receive more than 8 metabolic conditioning workouts that will help you to burn calories and blast fat while building the lean muscle you want - many of the workouts can be done at home without any equipment. Finally, you will also receive recovery strategies that can help you to build muscle while you rest and get ready for your next hard workout.   

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Dynamic Anatomy and Functional Core Training e-books
BONUS Content - Metabolic Conditioning Workouts
Strategies for Post-workout Recovery

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