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Core training is a popular fitness term but what does it really mean?

Your body is designed to move in multiple directions at a variety of different speeds, however most traditional core exercises have you lying on the ground and moving in a single plane which does not prepare your muscles for the forces they will experience when you are enjoying your favorite activities. Many injuries result from the fact that muscles are not able control the forces that enter the body, however an effective exercise program will challenge you to move in multiple directions so your muscles can be prepared to overcome any forces they might experience.

This e-book, based primarily on the published research of Dr. Stuart McGill, will teach you which muscles are considered part of the core and, more importantly, how to design exercise programs that prepares them to produce, stabilize and control forces in a three-dimensional environment.

Functional Core Training will teach you how to design the workout programs that can help you to both look and perform your best!

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