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Aging happens to everyone, there is nothing that we can do to stop it; however, exercise can mitigate many of the effects of the biological aging process helping you to both feel and look younger!

Metabolic conditioning can increase the mitochondria that improve cellular health. Strength and power exercises can help boost production of the hormones that promote muscle growth. Finally, exercises based on multi-planar movement patterns can improve the strength of fascia and connective tissues leading to a more youthful tissue architecture. Doing the workouts that include all types of exercise could be considered the fountain of youth.

This e-book, which includes workout programs for mobility, strength, power and metabolic conditioning will teach you how to use exercise to help turn back the clock and find your fountain of youth. 

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Download the e-book and workout programs; you can either print them or save them to your favorite device - either way, be prepared to find your fountain of youth!

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Exercise for the Fountain of Youth e-book
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